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BeMelodic Recording Studio in Dallas Tx Neve Console Sound

Neve Console Sound

Now available! With the release of our new studio upgrade, we’re excited to announce that we’ve switched over to using the classic Neve console sound in our mixing and mastering.

What is The Neve Console Sound?

“Neve” is a word that has been used in the music industry for years, but what does it really mean? Neve is the name of the first production console by Rupert Neve. It was released in 1973 and became an industry staple. Abbey Road Studio made famous by the Beatles, still uses a Neve console 88RS valued at over $800,000. Now you can have this same sound, at BeMelodic.

How We Achieve This

Using a combination of plugins and hardware, we are able to achieve that classic sound made so famous on hundreds of classic records.  We use Universal Audio’s Neve 88RS console channel strip plugin followed by 2 exceptional hardware units.  Heritage Audio created the Successor Stereo Bus Compressor, which operates much like the Neve 2254 using diode bridge compression and also using output transformers which add the warmth and color of a Neve.  We also use the Heritage Audio Symph EQ which is a stereo asymptotic equalizer very much like the famous Baxendall EQ with the addition of the same transformers as the Successor.

When it comes to your sound, you want something that’s warm and smooth. That’s why we’re excited about switching over to the Neve console tone with our new studio upgrade!

Learn more about our studio equipment and how it will give you exceptional sound.

Book a session at BeMelodic today for the best in modern recording technology paired with vintage-style equipment. We’ll help you get started on creating an amazing signature sound of your own–just like all those famous bands who made their debut using a Neve 88RS console back in the day!

What do you think of the change? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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