LEWITT music challenge feat. Spitting Ibex

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BeMelodic Recording Studio in Dallas Fort Worth Tx

LEWITT music challenge feat. Spitting Ibex Project Details

Fantastic song by Spitting Ibex featured in Lewitt Music Challenge of June 2021. 

The original video can be found at:  youtube.com/watch?v=mqGaKFXgMXo

About my remix:  I changed the structure of the song by adding the chorus immediately after verse 1.  The original had verse 1 and 2 followed by the chorus.  This created a more dramatic punch right at the beginning of the song reinforcing the chorus.

Instrumental modifications included a dub bass track with an SVT-VR amp to give it more grit in the chorus’.

Additionally, the vocals were also treated on a dub track with a Chandler amp tube crunch effect to give the vocals slightly more hair in the chorus’.

The piano was also provided a dub track in the chorus’ that we’re treated with very heavy compression, EQ, and a large space reverb to give it more width.

The audio was summed through my D-Box+ and through my IGS S-Type Bus Compressor.

Hope you enjoy my version of the mix.

Special thanks to Lewitt Audio for this opportunity to mix fantastic music.

My Mastered Version

This remix was produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Tony Loignon from BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx.

The band Spitting Ibex came by our LEWITT studio and recorded their song “The Seeds of your Sorrow” for this Music challenge. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Spitting Ibex bring fresh Funk for your soul. Futuristic vintage sound or retro future music – whatever you want to call it, Spitting Ibex build contemporary bridges connecting generations. A band that goes through all phases since the 60s and brings them back into the female-fronted now.



Tony Loignon, Producer, Engineer, Musician

Tony Loignon

Hi! I’m a full-time music producer, engineer, and musician based in Dallas Fort Worth metro. Located just minutes away from UTA in Arlington.  It is always my pleasure to meet new artists from all over the world and work with them to create music.  Come record your next track at BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx.


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