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About BeMelodic Recording Studio

BeMelodic Recording Studio is a premier Dallas recording studio. Tony Loignon owner of BeMelodic Recording Studio was featured on BizTV channel 52.2 in Dallas Fort Worth and channel 24.4 in Austin Tx on June 1st, 2021. Here are some notes about the interview.

The Origin of BeMelodic

BeMelodic was founded in 2019 as BeMelodic LLC in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.  The name BeMelodic derived from my love for a great sounding melody and wanting to be a refuge for artists to be inspired. I came up with the name “Be Melodic” and decided to make the name as a single combined word.

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The Texas Music Industry

According to employment projections for Texas, the music industry is expected to grow by 9% through 2028 in musician and singer jobs. The Dallas Fort Worth metro is also expected to grow by roughly the same percent. This is exciting for the local music industry.

Who are our customers?  We provide services to labels, professionals, and independent artists.  Hip Hop and Rap artists account for 90% of our business since 2019.  But we have had a number of artists and bands in other music genres ranging from rock, reggaeton,  R&B, gospel, and country.

Why Choose BeMelodic Recording Studio?

BeMelodic is a Dallas Recording StudioPersonalized service, pro equipment, and stellar recording room. Most artists can’t afford to travel to Nashville or LA to record at “legendary studios”. Costs for their sessions are prohibitive without a major label contract.

The accessibility of affordable microphones and audio interfaces has never been better, but the quality of the audio from those are mediocre in comparison to high-end equipment. BeMelodic’s equipment and microphones are the best in the industry, similar to those found in BIG studios. As a result, we can provide the same pro quality at a fraction of the cost.

Another aspect affecting your music quality is the room. Recording results are often defined by the space being recorded in. Surface wall treatment is often not enough. Which is why bedroom and/or closet recordings just don’t sound the same. At BeMelodic, we have constructed a sound recording room (a.k.a. tracking room) which is built to the latest engineering specifications with a floating floor as well as fully insulated walls, ceiling, and ventilation that provide absolutely stunning, transparent, open, and clear recording results.

Furthermore we provide personalized services and more importantly we want to provide exceptional service by following up with customers, providing advise and recommendations not only about the project we’re working on but also about the music industry. We also have a large network of producers, engineers, and musicians that we work with on a daily basis from around the world and from all genres.

That is what makes BeMelodic Recording Studio Dallas Fort Worth’s premier recording studio.

Tony Loignon, Producer, Engineer, Musician

Tony Loignon

Hi! I’m a full-time music producer, engineer, and musician based in Dallas Fort Worth metro. Located just minutes away from UTA in Arlington.  It is always my pleasure to meet new artists from all over the world and work with them to create music.  Come record your next track at BeMelodic Recording Studio in Arlington Tx.


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